"Worlds Strongest Girl? hehe"
July 20 2009

Charles singing while moving some stuff.

Date July 30, 2009
Day 91
Duration 6:09
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Summary Edit

Charles is up much earlier than usual (8am !) to help his friend Andrew move. He clarifies that he will be moving to Tallahassee, as seen a few days ago, but not for another four or five months.

He shows up to Andrew's to find that almost everything has already been taken care of and remembers the last time he moved and how much work it was. He claims he using movers next time. A close up shows the flinging of a spring door stop.

Charles feigns excitement at reading spam on his iPhone concerning African royal inheritence, penile enlargement, dating and winning lotteries.

According to Jeff, "Charles Trippy likes wieners."

Charles is driving Andrew's stuff somewhere singing an known song about 'looking out the window.'

Andrew tells a story that Charles retells the audience about one of the movers who drank too much water and vomited in the parking lot. Charles does the audience a favor and gets a close up on the chunks.

Meanwhile, Alli is driving to Sarasota and was trying to get video of Zoey's head on her shoulder while she was driving, but it didn't work out. Marley wasn't happy in the back seat and moved up front.

Charles decides to shave his beard off, claiming he looked like a hobo.

Zoey and Alli make out.

Charles hides in the closet while the dogs are agitated by not being able to find him. They search all around the room and in the chair but leave the room. They then come back and Zoey finds him.